Improvement Plan

Health:  detox/massage, food, water, exercise, medical/dental, self-defense.

Fashion/appearance: wardrobe, Lasik.

Travel/social circle.

Home & car:  cleanout, repair, improve, home office.



20/20 Theory for Ending Clutter

from the Minimalists

Anything we get rid of that we truly need, we can replace for less than $20, in less than 20 minutes from our current location. Thus far, this theory has held true 100% of the time. Although we’ve rarely had to replace a just in case item (less than five times this year for the two of us combined), we’ve never had to pay more than $20 or go more than 20 minutes out of our way to replace the item. This theory likely works 99% of the time for 99% of all items and 99% of all people. Including you.