Draft Goals 1.0

Prioritize:  happiness and health.

Handle finances, estate plan.

Get out of the house.


Relax:  sports, recreation, hobbies, quality sleep, etc.

Appreciate art:  e.g., music, films, limited TV, literature.


Organize, declutter.  Make home improvements.

Update wardrobe.


Publish a blog and book.

Form a business (and sponsor health coverage).

Gamble profitably (horses, blackjack, sports, poker).

Practice firearms skills.

Reconnect with family, friends (LA, Ventura County, Orange County, San Diego, Philadelphia, Virginia, Honolulu, Singapore, Taiwan, Sacramento/Reno, San Francisco, Berkeley, Phoenix).

Travel (South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica) (Montreal, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Hong Kong); (Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Maine, Mississippi, Oregon).

Brainstorm.  Revise goals, develop new ambitions.

Try things; let the cards fall.

Think about role models (Renaissance man?).

Live simply.



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