Player Philosophy

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[ ]  Look, I love women. I love the chase, I love the seduction. I love that look in their eyes when you know it’s on, I love getting to know the cool ones better. I love having sex with them, I love having one night stands with them. I love having wild yet short flings with them, I love being fuckbuddies with them. I love being in a relationship with a worthy woman (rare as they are), and I love being in love.

However, I have the power to get all of the above from many women, and often a few concurrently. So I do.

Having shed myself of the chains of some hollow notion of honor and turned my back on whatever kinds of shame I receive from family, peers, or the media, I do what I want to do, and pursue what I want to pursue:

Variety. Beauty. Ecstasy. The Thrill. Victory.

I have no compunction against playing one girl off of another because it gets me what I want.

I have no problem juggling multiple girls at the same time.

I have no second thoughts cutting off a girl who even remotely pisses me off.

I have no problem dropping a girl that is cramping my style.

I have no problem cheating on a girl.

Morality means nothing to me.

I don’t lie, but neither do I tell everything.

If a girl drops out, I know another is right around the corner.

Most importantly, though: It’s my world, and they are living in it. 

[ ]  I don’t do this out of spite or vengefulness. I’m not out trying to tip some cosmic scale or get back at women for whatever failures and ineptitude I was ultimately responsible for in my earlier life.

I don’t relish in the occasional tears or heart break, or take pleasure in pain. I sympathize with them at times even if they knew what they were getting themselves into, knowing it was mostly my fault. But neither do I let histrionics or the prospect of hurt feelings slow me down, and it is impossible to “leave them better than you found them”. Feelings get hurt, deal with it, for how can one live if one is constantly deferring to other’s feelings and anxieties or letting fear of loss slow the journey?

Nah, I do this all because I can. I *have* my cake and I eat it, too. It’s delicious. The world is full of wonderful, sexy women who want to have a great time with me, and I with them, and I’m not about to let anything get in the way. Some want what I want, others want more. Some will know exactly who I am and still come, and others know nothing more is going to come from us. For some, we will meet at the right time in both of our lives, and for others we will not. Some will stay longer than others, but all will go. Yet here I will remain, getting hammered and talking shit with my friends, still out doing what I love doing-

Drink in one hand, girl in the other.


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