excerpted from here:

The more women you go through in the process of sowing your wild oats . . . the less interesting, the less connected, the less able you are to fully appreciate the beauty that is femininity and it’s pleasantness.  [ ]

[ ]  First off, however, we should make some guidelines here, we’re talking about numbers at least over 20. A man with a lesser number can still recount all his bangs . . . . No we are talking about the tragedy that befalls all true Lotharios, the ones that stay players well into their 30′s and later on. That the pleasure, that the pure actual enjoyment of the women you are with, outside the total physical exaltation and enjoyment, wanes with every new experience. Once you hit the point of no return . . . are you in trouble of losing your ability to connect or enjoy a girls company outside of just sex. [ ]  Each girl becomes less and less interesting  [ ]

[ ]  At some point, your numbness overwhelms the urges. At some point you go through the motions, only to be doing things because you once believed in them with a furor. Only the past motivations are there, the present and future trapped behind a wall of denial and dissatisfaction.

The more you experience, and this goes for more than women, the less you will be able to enjoy. Your brain and soul build up a tolerance to new experiences. The double edge sword of living an exciting life, unbalanced, is that you need more and more and more and grander and more different in order to actually enjoy it like you once did again. Like anything else, you can over do it.



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