Solo Travel Benefits

from this blog post:

[ ]  I’ve previously mocked people who claim that traveling is a deep, life-changing experience. But one thing I will definitely grant is that solo travel forces you to evaluate who you really are, outside the context of your family and social circle. You also end up spending a lot of quiet, reflective moments on buses, trains and planes. Nothing to do but sit, think, and observe. Often, there’s not much going on around you worth observing, so you turn inward. You become conscious of your emotions, your thoughts, your body and mind.

[ ]  Travel forces introspection, and I think that’s a good thing. You can replicate these positive effects in your hometown with a transit pass and a willingness to leave your Kindle at home, but sometimes it’s hard to force it, especially if you’ve developed an information addiction over a lifetime of instant gratification. Everyone can benefit from silence, and the ability to tame your mind for even a minute or two at a time. Try it sometime: Sit still and quiet your brain. Let your inner monologue STFU for a minute, or repeat a mantra. It’s surprisingly difficult. [ ]


One thought on “Solo Travel Benefits

  1. I travelled for six weeks around Europe by Eurorail when I was 20, not that that was my first choice, but my friend backed out at the last minute due to financial reasons. I did get a little homesick, and at that age was a bit shy about approaching strangers for conversationn. However, I wouldn’t have missed the experience for anything. Since that time I’ve travelled “solo” but in small groups to places like Peru, and Egypt. I do leave my laptop at home but will always have a book for dining alone. For me it is difficult to sit quietly and meditate, something I should practice, as you suggest.

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