Lifestyle Game


  1. Get a hobby. A proper hobby that you are properly passionate about. Violent or competitive sports increase primal value; creative arts and “nerdy” hobbies raise emotional and logical value respectively. If you have a nerdy hobby don’t hide it, but don’t conform to its stereotype either. Good hobbies are usually dangerous, exciting or interesting. Find something you love, and then do it. Don’t let anyone stop you.

  2. Get good at that hobby. Mastery of a field shows the mastery of a true leader, and gives her something to brag about.

  3. Have a way of learning about stuff. Knowledgeable people are interesting, mysterious and intriguing. Having a decent enough knowledge of a wide number of topics is also very useful in conversation and will make people want to get to know you. Read books or blogs, watch documentaries and do strange and interesting things so you can learn from experience.

  4. Travel. Travel can be cheap or expensive depending on how you go about it, but the stories and knowledge acquired will always be invaluable. Guys who travel a lot are unattainable; this is emotional catnip to women.

  5. Do business. This doesn’t have to mean self-employment, or even turning a profit. Just work with other people who share your hobby for a mutual benefit. Aside from negotiation experience it acts as social proof and gives you a support network for your hobby, allowing you to achieve more.

  6. Have a provider skill. This could be cooking, bartending, basically anything that involves providing for your woman. This shows alpha mastery, can be exciting or interesting (depending on what the skill is) and once again gives bragging/rationalisation ammo for her.

  7. Exercise. This raises your testosterone and shows that you take care of yourself. A healthy body is an indicator of reproductive fitness, and she’ll be able to smell the testosterone on you.

  8. Always have a project. Always be working on a painting, song, blog post, poem, or recording; and always be practicing for an upcoming match, competition, season, exam (yes, even revision can help you out), concert or show. Always move forward by creating something new or honing your skills in some way. The prioritisation of your project over your woman is a leader trait and can cause the odd emotional roller coaster.

  9. Have an active social life. You don’t need to be in constant party mode, that shit gets old. Just get to a point where any given night of the week you can go out to a familiar venue (where you know the drinks are cheap) with people you know. Your social circle should be wide enough that there’s always someone to chill with even if they’re just an acquaintance. This acts as social proof, and makes you an exciting motherfucker.

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