Federer, Clooney, Gates

post by Yohami:

[ ]  Can you be as good as Federer, as charismatic as Clooney, as successful as Bill Gates? you´ll find the limits there. Because you´re comparing against other people, you´re entering a competition.

You can do a lot of stuff. It doesnt mean you will “win” nor that you´ll be “as good as”

Though, chances are you´re using the “as good as” as the excuse for not doing. The two are unrelated. Say, you dont need to be “as good as” the french masterchef in order to have a restaurant. Dont need to be Clooney to have charisma. Dont need to be Federer to play tennis and win tennis matches. No one of these guys are preventing you to learn and have your own quota of success.

The not doing is.


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