from the Wizard:

[ ]  As for your finances, so you believe that working twelve hours a day at a job you don’t even give a damn about, wasting your God-given life in the process, going to work while the kids are still asleep and returning home after they are already in bed, forcing you to hire a babysitter because your wife can’t look after them because she works too. You do all this instead of investing and working on sources of passive income to become free. And of course, people who do not have to work because they have invested in developing automated ways of earning a living like CEOs, stockholders, online marketers, bloggers, and franchise owners are all EVIL and GREEDY because they don’t labor their lives away like mindless drones. Instead, they go to your office three hours at a time just to check things out, and they can even bring their kid to work while you don’t even see yours. Your negative emotions toward them are just your defense mechanisms for guarding your ego, because you know deep down that you do have a choice to live that life, but you suck it up because you can’t take a risk or make an effort to get away from your boring and miserable life, like in Revolutionary Road. So, are you just content to sit there and rationalize to yourself that you never had a choice? Of course you never did, yeah man whatever.

[ ]  You consider yourself lucky to know such things and you genuinely appreciated it when he shared his wisdom on vital male behavior that you must use to attract the opposite sex and maintain healthy relationships, which is of course not taught by society because they want you in their production lines, and if you become alpha, then you are less likely to slave at a mindless job your whole life to demonstrate sexual value to the opposite sex by buying useless crap that only serves as social proof. Because you already have GAME, women respond even if you don’t own a ten-story mansion in or have a wardrobe full of clothes from a designer in Paris. Women will just be as impressed without all the social programming bullshit that was force-fed unto you by society and your parents who are just as clueless as you were when you were young.


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