20 Life Changes


1. Walk daily [ ]

2. Wake early

If you asked me what’s the best change you can make this instance, I would say “wake early.” The early morning is peaceful – there are no interruptions and no noise. You can wakeup and go for a walk. You can meditate. And you can create.

And waking early is the most productive thing I’ve ever done. I often get more work done in a couple hours in the morning than during the entire day.

3. Eat less

Many of us overeat. Let’s stop. Eat slowly, and eat until you’re full. Eat so that your belly doesn’t bulge.

4. Stop watching, start doing

Watching is easy. Anyone can watch someone. Spectating isn’t inherently bad, but I believe we do too much of it. Instead of watching, do something. Or better yet, create something great.

5. Go slowly

Our culture tells us to go fast, to sprint and win the race. Problem is, the race never ends. When you choose to go slowly, you are choosing peace and happiness.

6. Declutter [ ]

7. Become stronger

There are many ways you can become stronger. You can refuse to back down because of fear. You can stand up for what’s right. And you can become physically stronger.

All do one thing, increase your confidence. Gradually become stronger, and the world will open up.

8. Drink water [ ]

9. Meditate [ ]

10. Let go of expectations

[ ] Live without expectations, and you won’t be disappointed. You won’t have to worry about things you can’t control. You will just flow and accept things as they are.

11. Live in the moment [ ]

12. Forget goals

Goals look nice on paper. They provide order to your life. They aren’t necessarily counter-productive – people have done great things using goals.

However, I think they’re useless. Instead of focusing on a goal, focus on the moment. Do things that you love, and do things well right now. This will get you farther than an arbitrary thing that you can check off.

13. Focus on what’s important

Too often, I used to let the little things get in the way. Now I forget the trivial and focus on what’s important.

What is important? It’s up to you. Family, writing, reading, and playing soccer are all important to me. I clear away distractions and do the important things.

14. Change things up

A routine can make you a zombie. Instead, change things. Often you will find that a change makes things more exciting.

Don’t be afraid to change things up.

15. Wait before you buy

Often we think we need something, but it ends up in the basement – unused. Before you buy something, wait a month. If you still believe it to be useful, then you can but it.

Understand that every time you purchase something, the cost is more than just monetary. You are taking on this item. You must put it somewhere, you must protect it, and you must maintain it.

16. Stop judging

Judging is easy. It’s also stupid. It’s impossible to fully understand others. You don’t know what they’ve been through.

So why do we judge? It’s harmful to your own peace, and it’s harmful to others.

17. Stop interrupting

Let people finish their sentence. You aren’t in such a hurry that you need to interrupt.

Let people speak. You might learn something.

18. Create

Everyone has something they can add to the world – something they can create. Spend time everyday creating. You are capable of creating something life-changing – even if it only helps one person.

19. Single-task

Multi-tasking is a myth. We can’t multi-task – our brain can only switch between two tasks. So multi-tasking is actually less productive; not to mention stressful.

Instead, focus on a single task. Move on when it’s finished.

20. Play

We are too serious. Laugh and goof off sometimes. Forget being judged, and let loose.

We aren’t so different from children – only we try to hide our play. Forget maturity. Forget working for now. Play. Enjoy life.


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