Changing Interests



[ ] asks: what should i blog about? I change my interests every day


Don’t give yourself anymore excuses to not just sit down and create! Creation takes practice and time. So start now whether you have consistent ideas or not.

Set up a blog: “My New Interest”

Every day or week post on it. Completely tell me about your new interest:

–          Why are you interested in this new thing?

–          Why did you lose interest in the old thing?

–          What connections are there between the new and the old (or older?)

–          And tell me at least one new thing about your new interest that I could not have read anywhere else.

Eventually you’ll start to see themes arise across your interests. Those themes will intermingle. Something cohesive will come out. For a brief time, you’ll be a blogger, then an artist. Then you will create something new out of the intermingling and mating of all of these interests.


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