Self-Publishing Books


[ ] is it possible for you to make a living from your self-published books?

Yes and no. There are all these literary-fab stories of some 17 year old writing zombie novellas making $1mm a year. That’s great if you can do it. It requires persistent writing, blogging, reaching out to audience, being in a hot area at the right time, etc.

BUT, most areas are not like that. Most people are not like that.

The way to make “make a living” money from self-published books is to treat the book like an enhanced business card. You write it, you parlay it into expertise validation, which gets you consulting and speaking gigs.

And you can write more books. You get to pick yourself instead of having some random publisher pick you, edit you, and delay your book coming out for a year where you end up making the same amount of money anyway. I did four books last year. My self-published books made me more money.


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