2011 Wisdom from Roosh


There is a point where having additional money, without fame or status, will not at all help you fuck more or better women. That amount is much less than you think.

Having an apartment near your favorite bar or club dramatically increases your notch count.

If you’re feeling depressed or lonely in a foreign city, go out for a one hour walk in the center. Something will happen.

Don’t dismiss eye contact from women; it’s the primary way they show interest. Your response to eye contact from a pretty woman should be instant, like a reflex.

Tourist apartments are always cheaper than hotels, but they are more comfortable and don’t make you seem like a sex tourist. I see no advantage in staying in hotels.

If you’re going to wear a suit, it will be much better received if you wear it in a venue where there are no other guys in suits.

Women highly value honesty from a man, as long as it doesn’t involve positive feelings you have for her.

Fear is man’s greatest enemy. I don’t ask anyone for advice with something that involves risk because they will try to talk me out of it.

The best city in the world can suck in the off-season. Not only do you have to know where to go, but when.

There are many first world countries in Eastern Europe where the cost of living is half that of the United States. You don’t need to live in Peru or Thailand to see considerable savings.

Feminists have successfully brainwashed men into thinking they’ll become unattractive to all women if they choose to remain bachelors. Truth is that a man’s best pussy-getting years starts at 30.

The only game that will always work, no matter where you are, is the numbers game.

Reading books is the most powerful thing you can do to gain the experience of life without experiencing life. I’ve learned more from reading last year than I have from four years in college.

You adapt to little increases to your happiness each year. The dream life you envisioned for yourself ten years ago will be seen as normal when you finally get it.

No one is looking out for your interests 100% of the time, not even your family. You’re always on your own.

Your brain is capable of so much more if you clear it of distractions. Learning is a form of meditation.


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