Good Self-Doubt

Mead on a roll

[ ]  You might be certain that…

  • You can only make X amount of money per month.
  • You’re not worth someone’s time.
  • You’re not cool/smart/attractive enough to be successful with him/her.
  • You don’t have enough time.
  • You’re a depressed person.
  • You’re not on “the same level” as your peers.
  • You’d never get a book deal.
  • You’ll never be able to forgive the person that hurt you.
  • You’d never be able to work for yourself.
  • You don’t have “what it takes” to get what you want.

That certainty is holding you back. So sometimes, you need to doubt yourself in order to succeed. Sometimes you need to be confused, or uncertain about yourself, to reach your fullest potential.

Because I can almost certainly guarantee you, that what you think you’re capable of, is much less than what you’re really capable of.

So what I’d like to invite you to do, is to doubt everything about yourself.

  • Doubt that you’re not worth it.
  • Doubt that you don’t have what it takes.
  • Doubt that what you think about yourself is true.
  • Doubt that you can’t achieve whatever it is you want.
  • Doubt that you can’t move past the stuck place you are.

When you doubt yourself, you open a window. When you’re uncertain you create a possibility in your mind that previously, did not exist.

It’s in that moment of confusion, that something beautiful happens. You open yourself up to alternatives that seemed unreal before.

The truth is, those possibilities were always there. Those alternate, more desirable paths were always there, but you blocked them out in your mind, because you were certain they didn’t exist.

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