Jonathan Mead has some great stuff

[ ]  When you’re living in complete congruence, complete alignment, no part of you is conflicting with any other part of you. There is no disagreement. No disturbance. No fakeness.

For a long time, I lived my life highly compartmentalized. I was one person when I was with my friends, a different person at work, and yet another person with family or my wife. It’s this kind of fragmentation that chokes your spirit.

Let me be straight: we are all multi-faceted beings. We’re not the same person in every situation all the time. We’re not binary, single-function amoebas. We manifest and express ourselves differently according to what is appropriate to the events surrounding us.

That is natural. That is perfectly fine.

What is not natural, and what is not fine, is changing who you are; manipulating yourself in order to fit some kind of mold of what is or isn’t appropriate.

That’s the way I used to live. Slow suffocation.

[ ]  No resemblance. Total deception.

But as I said earlier, this type of deceitfulness is totally accepted in our society. No, not just accepted. It’s expected.

It took me a while to realize that even though a lot of people choose to live this way, I didn’t have to.

Once I realized that I didn’t have to make that choice, I started to open up the airwaves and release the restriction I had placed on myself.

Then I asked one life-changing question:

What would it be like to live in complete congruence? What would it feel like to have total alignment of purpose, with no separation, no partitions, and no dissonance?

(Okay, so that’s two questions. Sue me.)

That’s when I realized that my ultimate goal in life is to live from that place of total, authentic action. Using no limits as a way of limitation.

I want there to be no discernible difference between when I am working and when I am playing. No division between my purpose and my life path.

When everything is completely integrated, when your heart, mind, and body are acting as one vehicle, your life starts to become something very beautiful. Your expression is natural, unique, and right. Your creativity flows. Your heart is opened.

And you no longer seek anything outside of yourself. You are internally validated.

Life becomes effortless when you are not trying to become anything. Your existence becomes one of expressing and expanding the awesomeness of what already is.

Your desires, your dreams, your purpose, and your contribution to the world becomes one and the same. This is what it means to live with the extinction of boundaries. This is what it means to be completely and radically congruent.


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