Koan v2.0

v2.0  Alpha

1. I’m already dead.
2. Be fun not perfect.
3. Act. (stop reading)


8 thoughts on “Koan v2.0

  1. It’s good to see someone engaging with koans. Getting adept with what Koanic calls “koanic technology” is very difficult. Personally I find unravelling the human mind extremely difficult, and it’s taken me hundreds of hours to reach the understanding I’ve reached today. And then there’s the trouble of converting that knowledge into a desirable identity. Hard work.

    Have you read all the blog posts on Koanic Soul?

    • From my experience, if you’re having trouble taking action on stuff, it’s likely you haven’t answered the question of how to be, which is what your koans are designed to do. And you get caught up in a loop.

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