Patient Notes, Ch. 1

A new patient, X, arrived for evaluation.  X was a successful business lawyer in Los Angeles.  According to him, he is a burnout case.  He is now on a quest for a new way of living.  X is in his mid-40s, single, never married, with no children.  Before the session proceeded further, the patient was administered 5 grams of mitragyna speciosa for sedation, and electronic ambient music was played in the background.

X is aware that some people judge him as a Peter Pan who never grew up.  The patient feels some latent guilt about this, because he has been conditioned to judge himself by societal standards.  However, he reports that this feeling has been diminishing.  Instead, X now views his “loner” situation as a fortunate one.  The subject asserts that the absence of a wife and children is what now gives him the freedom to do something about his mid-life crisis.  He would not be jeopardizing any relationships with any dependents as a result of any life changes he might make in the pursuit of personal happiness.


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