What to Care About


Imagine a point when you were a kid when you were happy. At that point, what did you NOT care about?

  • –          I never cared about the news
  • –          Or the economy
  • –          Or gossip news
  • –          Very little about prime time TV (well, “Fantasy Island” on Saturday nights at 10pm I would look forward to)
  • –          I never cared about Europe
  • –          I never cared about sports (unless I was gambling but then I stopped gambling)
  • –          I certainly never cared about stocks.

Well,one can say, now you have responsibilities. Do I? I do care about my kids. But I still don’t need to care about the economy or Europe for the reasons outlined above in another question.

I will never care about who is President. Not a single politician has ever made me happier or sadder. So I don’t care who is elected ever.

I don’t care what people think of me. This sounds harsh. I do, in  fact, want people to like my writing. BUT, if someone is a jerk then I certainly don’t care what they think of me. And if someone is a good person and doesn’t like me well, then, there’s nothing I can do about it. Good thing there’s seven billion other people on the planet.

I try to never worry about going broke. When all you do is think of the ways you will go broke, you WILL go broke. But what I do is I know that if I network as much as possible and come up with good ideas for the people I network with and have the ability to discern who is worthwhile working with and who is not then I know I can always come back from zero. I’ve done it three times! This is a function of staying healthy in every way.


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