The Sexual Marketplace

epic rant by Rivelino

[ ]  I believe that the feminist movement was necessary and increased justice in america — but it really shot the SMP [sexual marketplace] to hell.

[ ] . . . to put men down wholesale, as an entire group, as lying, cheating, abusive, bumbling, stupid, aggressive, violent — i mean, you can’t take it further than “all men are potential rapists”.

and SO MANY good guys, nice guys, genuine guys, men who truly want to fall in love and raise a family and be a good man to their wives and children — so many of these men really, really, REALLY internalized this at a young age, and kinda just hated themselves for being men.

[ ]  at the very least, we felt that we weren’t necessarily WORTHY of the love of a woman.

i don’t know. it just screwed things up, and turned is into betas, sitting on the sideline, not getting laid, watching, hurting, feeling inadequate, horny, and lonely.

and MEANWHILE the cocky asshole alpha STUDS were cleaning up with the girls, fucking left and right, and all the girls that we pined for — well they were racking up numbers into the double digits, and then what??

[ ]  i think a lot of men are now angry at chicks, not feeling like they could ever find a “good girl” to settle down with, see a lot of injustice, see a lot of bitchy, entitled, slutty women — and women who don’t give a shit about being feminine, or delicate, or dainty, or classy — women who curse, and spit, and suck dick in bar bathrooms — and we are left thinking, wtf??? how am i supposed to find love among these SKANKS????

skanks who, btw, won’t even GET with betas, who only fuck the alphas!

so that is why men turn to game [ ] 

[ ]  you have declining marriage rates, you have dark game, you have good guys like me — well, sort of good guys, or romantic guys, or at least, men who do have the “coupling” tendency — you have good guys purposely being assholes — like susan wrote about so well — in order to get laid!

[ ] you treat an american girl with kindness and respect, and she laughs in your face. or worse, she ignores you.

you treat an american girl with cocky funny pushpull negs backhanded compliments psycho sexual social dominance frame control learned from mystery roissy style krauser tyler lovedrop roosh or name your pua and YOU GET RESULTS cause the girls out there are reverting to their hardwired feminine instinct of competing with each other and chasing very high value men and doing whatever it takes to get the alpha sperm.


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