Test: Token Resistance


[ ]  there is something that strongly attracts a woman to a man that she perceives as intuitive. Strong game always necessitates that a man be skilled at interpretting non-verbal communication such as tone, body language, facial expressions and unexplained actions. While this is never something a woman will vocalize, every woman secretly has a desire for her man to know what she’s thinking without having to express it verbally. Token resistance, in this regard, is a test of a man’s intuitiveness. If he listens only to her words, then she views him as unintuitive. If she knows that he knows that what she says isn’t actually what she means, then she becomes more strongly attracted to him, because she feels that he understands her on some deeper level.

[ ]  Given that women are hard-wired to desire to submit to a dominant man, a woman likes to know that her man is a leader who does things according to what he thinks is best. If a few words or a little resistance from her is able to deter him from pursuing what he wants, he certainly isn’t very dominant. When a man remains undeterred from attaining what he desires, even in the presence of resistance or opposition, his dominance is clearly displayed. Without fail, a clear demonstration of masculine dominance is something that strongly increases the present attraction that a woman feels for her man. For this reason, token resistance is offered both as a test of a man’s dominance and as an opportunity for a man to display his dominance.


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