How to Get Cell Phones


What to do instead of signing a phone contract:

Step 1: Purchase your own unlocked cell phone. An unlocked cell phone is a phone that can be activated with service by any major carrier.

New cell phones sold by phone companies are priced very high as a deterrant to you purchasing one outright, they want you to sign a contract because that’s where the real money is. To get you to sign a contract they price their phones too high for the average Joe or Jane to afford.

There is a simple solution: Purchase an unlocked cell phone online at a discount. You may even purchase a used or refurbished cell phone at a hefty discount.

You can purchase unlocked phones, including Blackberry’s and Iphone’s, here on Amazon at very affordable prices.

Step 2: Pick the best provider and set up monthly service and do not sign a contract.

When you find a better monthly contract you may switch any time you wish.

For the truly Spartan reader:

You can pick up cheap cell phones with pre-paid minutes at phone companies, gas stations or online. You may use these cell phones as you would use any other cell phone. When the minutes run out you simply purchase more minutes. This way you never, ever pay a standard monthly fee. You only pay as you use minutes. If you don’t use the phone as frequently as the digital media obsessed phonesters you can save a lot of money this way.


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