Honor is one of those concepts that a lot of the plugged-in masses of men struggle with. By either trying to live up to some “honorable” ideal, or trying to define their lifestyle choices as “honorable”, they are donning a powerful mental straightjacket.

When speaking of honor, I am referring to the standard middle class American style honor- that old school “work hard, find a girl, marry, have kids, white picket fence, etc.” The standard fare beta male cog-in-society type shit. It was this concept of honor that got men throughout the generations to commit themselves to society and to try and make it better.

This kind of arrangement, like all successful arrangements, requires give and take from both sides. Man works hard, doesn’t party, isn’t promiscuous, settles down, and society rewards him by having women primed to accompany and aid him, and just laws that allow him recourse in bad times and don’t punish him as long as he stays within the bounds of the society approved lifestyle he leads.

However, as those of us in the manosphere point out almost daily, our society has failed to uphold its end of the deal. Instead, it has been taken over by those that would use the beta male for all he is worth, sucking him dry and throwing him away like a used condom when it’s done.  [ ]

The thing is, society still needs men to believe that there is honor in living the old way, even if all that does is make him miserable in the end, nothing but a pawn in feminist’s plans that women should get everything and men are merely collateral damage. “Man up!” they say. Bust your ass, marry that used up slut, have kids, get divorce raped, get fucked over by ridiculously unfair child support. It’s the honorable thing to do! We’ll use lube, don’t worry.

A man who does not subscribe to the “honorable” lifestyle is a threat to the system and its various enforcers, but he will face the strongest opposition from those that have bought into it wholesale– married men and socons [social conservatives]. Rather than face the realities around them, married men hate with every jealous bone in their sexless bodies men who don’t want to follow them into the grinder. Socons hate on men who won’t subscribe to their worldviews, regardless of how irrelevant and worthless their ideals are in the current legal and cultural climate. Either way, cut-and-paste charges of dishonor follow, shaming ensues. “There is nothing honorable about [insert: being a player, avoiding marriage, traveling the world, etc…], That’s what pussies do…, Real mean do _____.” O yeah? There is nothing honorable about willingly playing Russian roulette with your life.

To bring this back full circle, it is the average frustrated chump [AFC] who is still trying to live up to the “honorable ideal.” For example, more than a few men I know have been dating the same girls for awhile. Despite their unhappiness with the situation, they stick to it while working to climb the corporate ladder because it’s the “honorable” thing to do. They suffer because they feel like they must.

Many single men I know pursuit one girl at a time while treating them as princesses, as if any girl that they can get is worthy of being their wife. They feel it is “dishonorable” to play around a little and explore options, because that is not the standardized life plan. Honorable men stick to one girl, duhhhh. These kinds of dudes have a major ego-investment in this lifestyle and despite being unhappy with it, they cannot allow themselves to consider alternatives. In other cases, AFCs stick to the plan because they are afraid of being shamed, even though they’d rather not.

Regardless, by adhering to achieving what society has deemed honorable, ignorant of the fact that the “honor” deal has been broken, they set themselves up for disappointment during the journey and potential butt fucking in the end. All for naught.

For young men reading this, your best bet in the world we live in today is to chuck society’s notions of what is an “honorable” life to live. The “honorable life” has become a lie crafted by those with other motives; there is nothing in it for you that outweighs its costs. Instead, build your own life as you would have it and do what you want to do. Do not suffer needlessly because you feel you must, and do not limit the experiences you can have because they don’t fit into the “honorable life” paradigm. Create honor in the fact that you have pursued your life in a way most congruent to your true aims and desires. Life is too short for you to be bound by the expectations of those who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what is best for you.


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