Pro: Travel


What do you think of these “male travel” blogs and bloggers?

The better ones — Roosh, Freedom Twenty-Five, Expat Chronicles — are miles away more interesting then their detractors, the mental onanists bleating about how to save Western “civilization.” They actually go out and DO things, as opposed to finger-wagging other people from the safety of their office cubicles or theorizing on how to bring something back from the dead.

What do you think of their abject pessimism regarding America and American women?

Over the top at times, but a needed response to the willful naivete of “Christian” “conservatives” (in quotes because if Jesus were alive today, he’d be busy burning churches) who maliciously try to shame men into “manning up” and marrying some fat sow to save Christianity/the white race/insert cause of the month here.

Are they chasing something just as superficial as what they criticize?

Hmmm, let’s see – explore the world on your own terms, meet new people, learn new things, or spend forty hours a week hunched over a desk entering numbers to pay for a McMansion, a fat wife and three screaming kids who hate you? Real hard decision there.

They all seem to abhor family life, thoughts?

They “abhor” it because its costs and risks far outweigh its rewards. Without an incentive to marry and have children, men will head for the exits.

Have you traveled?

Not yet, but planning to. I’m socking away money and building a small business that can sustain me on the road.

Oh yea, add the eXiled to that list as perhaps they best illustrate this juvenile abdication of adulthood and responsibility.

My, a little jealous are you One?

“Adulthood” and “responsibility” aren’t one-way streets. If there’s no reward for following the straight and narrow, surprise…people will ESCHEW those paths! These kinds of crass shaming attempts require you to have power over the person you’re shaming.

Nobody cares what you “conservative,” “Christian” failures think. You have no power to enforce your will on anyone. Your demands for men to “man up” (amazing how you have nothing to say about women) and follow you on the road to nowhere are nothing but the bleats of slaves, chained of their own accord, resentful of those who have broken free. You are mediocrities, forever despising those who are smarter, more driven, more capable then you will ever be.



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