Con: Travel


The “Man”-osphere includes men who have decided to travel abroad as a means of escaping quarterlife crisis. . . .The basic justification for this vagabond lifestyle follows:

-Dude, I just watched Fight Club.
-Fuck this.
-American girls are fat.
-I’m moving to South America to bang drunk, underage whores, drink all day, and frame my immature laziness as enlightened self-discovery.

Oh yea, add the eXiled to that list as perhaps they best illustrate this juvenile abdication of adulthood and responsibility. In essence, all of these “man travel” bloggers lash out at society indiscriminately, bashing all women, everything about Amerika, and everyone who seeks value in middle-class responsibility and family. According to travel bloggers, these “boring” individuals are drones imposed upon by our horrible society, while a foreign land full of underage hookers, loads of drugs, and other uppity expats apparently has something better to offer. Basically, these people believe finding love and raising a family is less spiritually uplifting than whatever else is out there. I present the dichotomy as such because it’s really the truth of it – these “male travelers” seek anything but here, without consideration that “here” can offer something worthwhile if one looks properly.


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