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[ ]  Connecting people who can benefit each other is the most useful skill you can have on the entrepreneurial ladder of skills. When you help others make money by connecting them together, the world forces itself into the moeubius strip of success that brings the money right back to you times ten. Some billionaires are great at it. If I write Mark Cuban an email he responds in two seconds even though he doesn’t even know me. He’s a “Super Connector”.

[ ]  1 Introduce two other connectors – this is an unbelievable technique. If you can introduce two people who are themselves great connectors then you become a meta-connector.

[ ]  2. Introduce two people with an idea in mind:

[ ]  In other words, if you can help two other people make money then eventually, good things will happen to you.

[ ]  3. Have a dinner of interesting people.

[ ]  4. Following up.

[ ]  But needless to say, if you make a connection,  it’s so easy to KEEP it by just saying, “hey, it was great meeting you. Lets do that again in a month or so.”

[ ]  5. Re-establishing Contact. 

[ ]  6. Show Up. I don’t know which “rule” on this list is the most valuable. But if a good connector invites you to a dinner or a meeting, then the best thing you can do is show up.

[ ]  7. Interview People.

[ ]  8. Produce Something of Value. In order to connect two people, you have to have people to connect.  You have to meet them in the first place. The best way to do that is to produce something of value. In this post I described about how when I was broke and about to go homeless I tried a technique of just reaching out to people. I would write letters like, “Hey, would love to meet.” That NEVER worked. People are busy. Nobody wanted to meet some random guy like me. So instead I tried a new technique. For each people I wanted to meet I would spend time researching their business and come up with 10 ideas that would help them that I would just completely give for free. With one guy (Jim Cramer), I came up with ten article ideas he should write. He ultimately wrote back, “YOU should write these” and that started my financial writing career.

[ ]  9. Time. I woke up for a few minutes at 3am this morning to write this list. Then I went back to sleep, figuring I’d write the post when I woke up. The last item on the list I wrote at 3am is “Time”. But for the life of me I have no idea why I wrote it. If anyone can help me solve this mystery I’d be grateful.


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