Don’t Want to be a Genius

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I’m always accused of bragging about my IQ, but the truth is that there is nothing to brag about.

Face it. In America, you can brag about anything but your brains. Brag about how much money you make, what a great job you have, what a nice car you drive, how many chicks you get, how nice you are, how everyone loves you, how awesome your kids are, how angelic and pure as driven snow you are, and no one gives a flying fuck. Bragging about brains is only resented in that not only do most folks obviously not have any, but worse, they are never going to be able to acquire any, not even at discount at Walmart.

[ ]  I must honestly say that my brains have never done my much of any good, and any good they have done has been massively counteracted by all of the negative stuff. They’ve turned off way more women than they turned on. They’ve hardly made me a nickel. They openly and objectively turn off the vast majority of people I meet. They’re essentially useless as far as making a good show in the interpersonal world and the world of money and success, or maybe worse than useless, an actual hindrance.

[ ]  A commenter said a while back that when there are 30 IQ points difference between individuals, communication is often difficult if not impossible. This sadly rung a bell with me. That means that when I am talking to most people with IQ’s 116 and below, it’s a hopeless endeavor at some point and I may as well throw in the towel.

[ ]  The typical scenario is I am saying or writing something here, and their interpretation is over there, 150 miles away. They’re not getting it. They’re not understanding what I’m communicating. Worse, they are getting a 100% inaccurate message from what I am communicating. Often the message they are getting is the exact opposite of what I am communicating. It’s very common that people claim I am communicating a view that I actually hate.

[ ]  Let’s think here for a moment. If you are an average person, your IQ is 100. A person 30 IQ points below you is a Goddamned retard. So for most anyone, a person 30 IQ points below them is probably going to seem like a total fucking retard. Now, 85% of the population has an IQ below 117. The question is, “Robert, does 85% of the population really seem to total fucking drooling retards?” This is a very painful question for me, because I want to give people the benefit of the doubt and get along with everyone. I especially try to be nice to folks of lesser intelligence.

Yet if I had to sit back and answer that question, I have to answer very sadly, “Yes.”

It’s true. When you’re as smart as I am, a good 85% of the people you meet day in and day out seem like total fucking drooling retarded ass pinheads. They’re so stupid and so incapable of understanding that you’re almost afraid to even talk to them because half the stuff you say is either misunderstood or not comprehended at all. You especially have to watch out for jokes, because maybe half your jokes either don’t make sense at all or are interpreted in drastically wrong ways.

So not only are they stupid, but they’re also sort of dangerous because they are always misunderstanding you, often in nasty and malevolent ways. Most people think if they can’t understand you, that you must be either weird, crazy or possibly evil or criminal in some way.

Every day, you step outside and it’s Moron World. Moron World, all day, every day.

Now, I ask you. You still want to be a genius?

No you do not.


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