Circumstances v. Numbers

from here

How do you understand the best circumstances for you to get a legit date or instant sex? Experience and discipline. You have to have the discipline to look beyond the surface of situations. You could have the choice between a boring museum tour with your classmates, or a busy nightclub with a bunch of sexually dressed women. You may not see it initially, but if you were to think about your past experiences, it might actually make sense to go on the boring museum tour.

Focusing on the circumstances is advanced. Not every guy will have the discipline nor the experience for it. However, for those that do, it is a tool that one can’t do without. The guys out there meeting a lot of women, going on a lot of dates, and having a lot of sex aren’t the guys that choose what appear to be obvious easy opportunities. They are the guys that stop and think, and understand that meeting women isn’t about numerical advantages, but rather, circumstantial ones.


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