Altucher’s Daily List


@iChmpneGrl Champagne Girl asks: U seem 2 B a man of lists. Do U have a daily 2 do (check) list that U cross things off of; or is it a more organic process?


YES! Here’s part of my list.

–          I sleep 8-9 hours.

–          I read books by writers with strong voices so I hope some of that voice rubs off on me when I begin writing

–          By 6am I’m writing (I’m on my third cup of coffee by then)

–          Around 9am I start thinking of ideas for making money, writing ideas, book ideas, distribution ideas, helping others ideas, networking ideas.

–          Then the day begins. I try to respond to as many people who have written me as possible if I don’t have meetings in the way.

–          Sometime  in afternoon I try to write 1000 words on a novel. If I can do that 2/3 of days  then I’ll have the  equivalent of four novels done within a year. So we’ll see if I can stick to this!

–          Asleep by 7-8pm

I avoid anything that’s a time waster: too much social media, I don’t read news. No pop culture. No Angry birds or other games. No emails with people who hate me or who I don’t like. No prime time TV. No more than two meals a day. No junk food. No gossiping. All of the above taken together saves me about three hours compared with how I used to live my life.


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