Freedom Twenty-Five

Bardamu’s book review of Freedom Twenty-Five:

[ ]  One year later, this Bardamu Superstar has accomplished everything that he set out to do. He’s quit his job, he’s moved to Thailand, and now he’s written a book on how you too can liberate yourself from the sexless, carb-loaded capitalist rat race – Freedom Twenty-Five: The 21st Century Man’s Guide to Life. And it’s required reading for everyone in the manosphere.

[ ]  I also chuckled at this swipe at political junkies:

Finally, if you follow the news, not out of some sort of grade-11-civics-induced Calvinist guilt, but because you actually ENJOY it, because you feel that doing so makes you HAPPY…then you have no idea what true happiness is. Go get a girlfriend or ride a bike or something.

The final chapter, “Purpose,” is a manifesto encouraging us Millennials to rebel against the various forces weighing us down, seeking to chain us to a mindless existence of office drudgery, fast food and the mediocrity of marriage:

We are rebelling against a culture of laziness, mediocrity and spiritual poverty. We are rebelling against a world that encourages us to be passive, risk-averse and unremarkable.

The most effective way to rebel against that is to become remarkable. Become excellent. Become the best possible version of yourself you can be, and then share your story with others who want to do the same. In a culture that has purged itself of confidence, let’s create a counterculture organized along the exact opposite ideals: Pride. Courage. Self-respect. Strength.

A-fucking-men, brother.

[ ]  More importantly, Frost’s book is invaluable not just because of his practical advice but because of the attitude it presents. Notwithstanding his occasional forays into condescension, Frost reinforces an important idea that most self-improvement shysters don’t – self-improvement is a roadmap, not a guided tour. There is no 100 percent foolproof method to becoming rich, getting a six-pack or having women line up to suck your dick. You need to seek out the facts yourself, test them, find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone is different enough that they’ll need to chart their own paths to prosperity.

“Living well is the best revenge” is a tired cliche, but it’s the truth. The manosphere takes heat from all corners – from feminists upset that the PC apple cart is being overturned to Christian “conservatives” eternally seeking out marks for their never-ending con game. The thin red thread connecting these disparate groups of haters is that they are all failures in their personal lives. Oh sure, some of them may be outwardly successful, healthy, wealthy or otherwise. But deep down inside, all of them feel inadequate, even if they won’t admit it. Whether it’s the barren-wombed lawyer termagent who labors eighty hours a week with nothing to look forward to but another drunken one-night stand, or the married eunuch putting himself into an early grave to provide for a wife who hates him and children who don’t respect him, mediocrities can’t stand excellence. Like crabs in a bucket, they’d rather drag down anyone who rises to the top instead of figuring out how to escape themselves.

What gives me satisfaction when these types hate on me and my comrades is not only knowing that I’m healthier, more financially secure and sexually satisfied then them, but knowing that I have one thing they don’t and never will – freedom. While I’m still working on achieving my dreams, unlike the termagent or the eunuch, I don’t have to wait until arthritis sets in to realize them. I’m not tied to my job, my house or my city. I don’t get out of bed every morning dreading the day to come. I don’t work a job I hate to pay off a stream of credit card debts. I don’t put up with disrespectful women out of some misbegotten sense of loyalty to a society that abandoned me long ago. While I’d never say I’m happy (because “happiness” is a fleeting emotion, not a state of being), I can look at myself in the mirror and claim to be fulfilled – something none of my detractors can honestly say.

Are you fulfilled, or are you going to content yourself with mediocrity? Are you going to go through life on YOUR terms or will you let the government, the church, the culture or the women dictate who you should be? If you were driven enough to find and read a blog like this or any other in the manosphere, you’re already more intelligent, driven and capable than 99% of the human herd. The tools to build a better life for yourself are at your fingertips; you just need to get off your ass and learn to use them. Freedom Twenty-Five is an excellent place to start.

Just remember that defeatism is the province of impotent and old men. A weakling cries about what was and what could be; a man molds the future with his own hands. So long as you are driven, inquisitive and always moving forward, everything will be all right.


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