Basic Game in Action

Looking back at a recent booty call, I did a couple things that seemed to be very effective in the lead-up.  Even though I didn’t plan to do this, the experience illustrated some basic game principles.

Kino/NLP/state.  We talked about the use of ecstasy at raves, which had an amazing effect.  When I asked her to describe the experience, she acted out how it makes people “touchy feely,” by running her hands all over me.  She likes attending raves and enjoyed talking about this subject; I had put on some techno music, which she liked; and in this environment, I put her into the ecstasy state of mind, simply by asking her to describe it.  She is a reserved person, but this opened her right up.  Favored topic + favored music + relevant kino + re-enacting a sensual emotional state = fire.

DHV/status.  She’s going to attend classes in England, so I described my awe of all of the history that exists in places like Westminster Abbey.  I then described some of my more wild experiences on my 30-day, 10-country tour of Europe after high school and before college, which seemed to make an impression on her.  Travel adventures = chick crack, apparently.



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