The Corporate Bureaucracy

Advocatus Diaboli nails it

Central planning is, therefore, the ultimate result of a set of beliefs-

1. A few people at the top “know what is right for everyone”.

2. These ‘elites’ have no little to no accountability.

3. They do not suffer adverse consequences subsequent to their failures.

4. The ability to kiss ass and defraud others is your biggest asset.

5. Professional competence is your biggest liability.

6. Organisations are run without any consideration to their official purpose.

Now look around you. Did you notice that the defining features of central planning are remarkably similar to what we see in corporate america today?

The corporate leaders and ‘job creators’ who run large corporations are as arrogant, corrupt, vain and stupid as those in equivalent positions in the erstwhile USSR. Moreover like their soviet counterparts, they too rarely suffer adverse consequences for failures and fuckups. Their underlings are chosen and promoted based on the ability to kiss the right asses and fuck over those who work under them. Knowledge about the products and services offered by a corporation is the biggest impediment to a persons rise up the corporate ladder. Major and minor decisions in corporations are now almost exclusively based on their potential to deliver short-term benefits for senior management and their friends, to the detriment of long-term investors, workers and even their customers. All of the above is them justified as result of complex ‘studies’ and deliberations by objective ‘experts’- when in reality they are utterly dishonest shills.


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