Rebuttal in Defense of Game

from here

3) Don’t Get Married

Redundant, yes, but it’s a point worth reiterating.

You may read the above and think, great! I can pick a good woman, learn game, and have a high chance – probably around 90% – of living happily ever after. So why not just make her family happy and put a ring on it?

First of all, 90% is not 100%. And in the event that shit gets real, you’ll be in a much stronger legal position if you’ve neglected to walk the aisle.

More importantly though, a woman’s willingness to join you in resisting the pressure society puts on us to enter into sham marriages is an excellent test of several important qualities.

Is she intelligent and open-minded enough understand your opposition to marriage? Any woman that I could trust would need to demonstrate her ability to reject conventional wisdom and social norms, and embrace my own eccentric (and correct) worldview.

Does she actually want to spend the rest of her life with you? Or is she just excited to have a materialistic extravaganza of a party where she gets to be a superstar?

Is she really planning to commit her life to your family? If so, what you’re offering her – essentially, marriage without the contract – is functionally identical to full-on marriage. The lack of a formal contract only matters in the event that the marriage ends.

If you’ve found a woman who you’re ready to trust enough to let her have your children, but she insists on getting hitched first, I suggest you have a long conversation with her about why she feels that way. You’ll either convince her, or learn some interesting new information about her that will hopefully call your earlier judgement into question.


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