Business Not Jobs

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The worst thing to do is to look for a job. That means you’re looking for someone to pay you for some of your time – usually in a time and place where there are others willing to trade theirs for less. That’s totally the wrong mindset. Don’t be a supplicant. You’re then setting yourself up as the effect of someone else’s cause. What you should do is work to put yourself at cause over the situation, which works best if you’ve spent the time preparing yourself in previous years. You want to look for people who will trade things you want for what you can give them… or help them get. Not wages, deals. That’s the critical thing to get straight in your mind. It’s so obvious, but most people completely overlook it. You shouldn’t look for employment; you should look for business.

[ ] You’re interesting – and that opens up opportunities. And how interesting you are is a function of how many books you’ve read, how much thought you’ve put into things, how widely you’ve traveled, how many skills you’ve mastered, how many people you know. It’s completely up to you. But you’ve got to get out of your comfortable and safe-seeming hometown – otherwise you’re no better than a medieval peasant, chained to the dirt his ancestors toiled over and were buried in, for generations. Your chances of getting anywhere that way are slim and none.

[ ] Never surrender; it’s bad karma. Getting a job like that can help you save some money and put some rice on the table, but the real value is that it gets you out in society. You’re active, meeting people, finding opportunities – and that’s not going to happen if you sit at home, collecting your welfare check, cementing your bad habits in place, and degrading your psychology.

[ ]  When you come to a fork in the road . . . Take it. Whether you go left or right, your whole life will be different, and you never know which will be best. It’s part of why I’m a solipsist, and am also very sympathetic to Taoism. At least once a day, if you turn right instead of left, if you say yes instead of no, your whole life could change totally and unrecognizably. I, for one, am on a quest for Alice’s rabbit hole… or her looking glass.

The most important thing is to have the right attitude, so you can see opportunities when they present themselves, and be willing and able to take advantage of them when they do. You can help prepare yourself for that by reading a lot, associating with other interesting people, and securing a real education for yourself, rather than relying on teachers to tell you what you should think.


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