An Anti-Hedonism Argument

a different point of view from here

A lot of the game/manosphere blogs discuss “lifestyle” choices under the new sexual dispensation, the one that has made a mockery of marriage and has turned the beta provider role for men into one with a high probability of becoming a loser to alimony and child support, enforced at the barrel of the family court gun.

Most of these lifestyle choices revolve around travel, living abroad, “adventure”, going where the women aren’t of the masculinized and overweight type that’s increasingly typical of American women. The choices also involve skipping the 9 to 5 cubicle culture of deadening boredom and kowtowing to the HR ladies, sucking up to the boss, etc.

But there’s got to be a better way. While I’m mostly in agreement that the man who wants to get married and have a job ought to tread very carefully across the landmine-strewn field of marriage, feminism, divorce, and tax theft, the alternatives as set forth across the manosphere seem pretty unappealing to this blogger. Sitting on a beach? Yeah, I could do that for a few days, after which it would get old in a hurry. Clubbing? Nah, a pursuit for young (under 25) guys. Travel? Been there, done that, in spades.

One needs a sense of purpose in life, one that goes beyond the pursuit of pleasure, and I don’t see that taken very seriously by these blogs. To each his own of course, but hedonism is a vapid ideology in which pleasure must run ever faster just to stay in the same place. There also seems to be little acknowledgement of the life of the mind, something important to many of us. And what of fighting for one’s beliefs?

Avoiding the pitfalls of the modern scene while also avoiding dissolving oneself in the aimlessness of hedonism: that is the question. Finding one’s purpose is all-important.


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