The Four Masculine Archetypes

This seems to fit what I’ve seen in life…

A feminine woman desires one of four times of men, as Marie-Louise von Franz noted in Man and his Symbols:

The animus … exhibits four states of development. He first appears as a personification of mere physical power – for instance, as an athletic champion or ‘muscle man.’ In the next stage he possess initiative and the capacity for planned action. In the third phase, the animus becomes the ‘word,’ often appearing as a professor or clergyman. Finally, in his fourth manifestation, the animus is the incarnation of meaning. – Marie-Louise von Franz

Von Franz used Tarzan as an example of the first time of man; 19th-century British poet Shelley (romantic man) and Ernest Hemingway (hunter, war hero) as men of planned action; a politician as a man of the word; and Ghadi, a man of spirit, bed more women than any of us ever will.


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