Fish in Foil

5) Fish in foil

“Take a cut of white fish, such as Orange Roughy, Sole, Flounder, or whatever you find on special this week. Divide into portions. Don’t ask me “how big”?–don’t you know how much you eat? But generally, about 6-8 ounces.

“Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

“For each portion, make a piece of foil big enough to completely cover the fish, with room to spare, when folded in half. Brush the inside of the foil well with olive oil. (If you like garlic, I recommend crushing a clove of garlic into the oil before you do so). Place the fish onto the foil with a slice of lemon and a sprig of whatever fresh herb you fancy; tarragon, thyme, and rosemary are all especially nice. Then fold the foil over the fish, and fold the edges over each other until the packet is sealed shut. Cook on a cookie sheet for about ten minutes. You’ll get delicate, herb-infused fish steamed gently in their own juices. They’re very nice on their own, or with a quick sauce, such as one made by melting a tablespoon of flour and a tablespoon of butter together then adding a cup of white wine and the juice of one lemon and cooking until slightly thickened.”


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