6. Beach House: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

A thought:  am I not living in a “beach house” now?  I live close enough so that I can drive to the beach — through summer traffic — in less than 10 minutes.

Parking on the beach costs $8.  If I were to go every day on weekends, that would be less than $400 annually for this privilege.  Of course, I wouldn’t go every weekend day.  During cooler seasons, I wouldn’t go to the beach much, or at all.  So the actual cost of occasional beach parking would be just a fraction of that amount, probably less than $100 annually — even if I visit much more often than usual.

If I only go to the beach on occasional weekends, in the summer only, during daytime hours only, then why not pay for just that privilege, and nothing more.

If I stay put at my current home, the cost of the beach access privilege is simply the cost of occasional beach parking.  But if I move to a beach house, I would be paying for 24/7/365 beach access, including during weekdays, night times, and poor weather — when I wouldn’t want to go anyway.

The one alternative that might give me more beach access — at a lower cost — would be to “move locally,” i.e., sell my townhouse; downsize and rent an apartment locally, on the beach or within a short walking distance of it; and then bank (1) the townhouse equity freed up by the sale, and (2) the presumed savings in monthly housing costs — while enjoying the immediate beach access, 24/7/365. This is Idea 10, and if feasible, it may serve Ideas 1, 3, and 13-14 as well.  I suppose I could consider a beach apartment somewhere else too, as well as locally.

So, Idea 6 is now on the back burner.  But a variation of it might be considered with respect to Idea 10.


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