Ideas 1-14

  1. Resign from the job.
  2. Stick with the job.
  3. Take a sabbatical, for one month to two years.
  4. Begin a part-time solo practice.
  5. Join the Peace Corps.
  6. Move to a beach house, e.g., Port Hueneme.
  7. Move to a house on an income property, e.g., an avocado or lemon grove in the Somis area.
  8. Move to a miniature house on a vacant lot.
  9. Move out of state, e.g., Henderson or Summerlin, Nevada, near Las Vegas.
  10. Sell the home and move to a local apartment.
  11. Refinance the home, lease it out, and move somewhere else.
  12. Open a lounge on Montana Avenue.
  13. Improve cash flow by paying off the second mortgage and car loan.
  14. Cut expenses, increase savings.

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